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Securing the irreplaceable

Securing the irreplacable

What We Do

Specialists in Salvage and Disaster Recovery

Ramsec can assist estate owner/managers in implementing a Salvage, Disaster and   Recovery plan and employees are trained in how to react and conduct a salvage/disaster recovery operation.


Close Protection

Ramsec can also provide personal security of the client if necessary. All guards hold a valid close protection licence and always remain flexible to the client’s needs and are extremely discreet in their approach.


Manned Guarding/ Mobile Patrols

Ramsec offer a security presence 24hrs a day 365 days a year. All employees are either from an ex-military or police background. All guards are extremely diligent and robust accustomed to working in adverse conditions.


Electronic Security Systems

We work with clients existing Fire and intruder alarm, CCTV and radio systems. We have good knowledge of these systems and can offer advice on upgrades. Ramsec also provides motion detection devices on all sites at no extra cost.


High level security services with specialised relevant disciplines

We are the leading security provider specialising in the protection of Private Art Collections, Historic Houses and Country Estates usually incorporating all three simultaneously. The service extends to securing high value assets such as Car Collections and Private Airfields or any high value assets irrespective of their remote location irrespective of adverse weather conditions. 

We have over 13 years successful years’ experience in this specific field of security and are organized accordingly. We pride ourselves in an extremely high rate of staff retention allowing our clients to develop the necessary trust that comes with a long term professional relationship with their protectors. 


All front line staff and management hold a Close Protection License and a Fire Marshalls certificate.  They are former front line military personal or police officers having achieved positions of rank. Coming from a background of constant training and teamwork they have a wealth of skills and experience relevant to securing assets and protecting owners, staff, contractors ,visitors and the public. All staff are first aid trained and we carry our own first aid and trauma packs.


All personal are carefully chosen so as to perform their duties in a firm but non aggressive, flexible manner. A good working relationship with owners, curators, conservators, visitors, house and estate staff is essential for a cohesive environment. Our security team provides a 24 hour service, usually living on site as such we operate a alcohol free policy. Off duty guards are immediately available as a quick reaction force in the event of an emergency.


Whilst it is the Collection owners, Curators and Conservators that create the plan it is us,  the security team in conjunction with house and estate staff that will physically execute it. This requires skill, physical strength and fitness. Accordingly 8 members of our staff have undertaken the Historic England’s course on this subject. As a company we are committed to further education in Art handling , Fire Fighting (the ability to extinguish or control a fire,  essential in old houses built before fire avoidance structures became mandatory). We also supervise Hot Work Permits, and have the knowledge of prevention and procedures to reduce damage from water leaks and flooding.


Ramsec does not outsource to other providers ensuring the quality of service is consistent. All guards sign a confidentiality agreement covering the interests of the client and the company.


Ramsec firmly believes that to secure irreplaceable Art requires robust security and up to date relevant intelligence on threats locally, nationally and internationally. Accordingly we have access to such information by being accepted recipients from a variety of sources.


Ramsec’s commitment to further education and training is enhanced by the company being members of the following organisations:


  • The National Trust
  • AIM
  • Historic Houses
  • English Heritage
  • The Museums Association
  • SPAB
  • NMSG
  • SHH
  • ARCH

Advantages of choosing Ramsec

Trained in Salvage, Disaster and Recovery

First Aid Trained

Fire Marshall qualifications

Extensive electronic security knowledge

All staff vetted to BS 7858:2019

All staff hold a Close Protection Licence

Available 'round the Clock

Protection 24hrs a day 365 days a year, and can also provide extra support upon request at short notice. Ramsec have a full and comprehensive understanding of CCTV, sensors, radio networks, to avoid security breaches. Our personnel are fully conversant in all major security systems.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a Primary Provider and will never outsource to other security providers ensuring that all services are completed with guaranteed confidentially and discretion at all times. All guards sign a confidentiality agreement covering the interests of the client and the company.

Unique Expertise

Staff trained and confident on how to operate in a Salvage/Disaster situation from team leaders down to all team members. Able to advise estate owners/managers on Salvage plans and equipment.

High Standards

We pride ourselves on our high standards and continue to invest in relevant education, to separate ourselves from other providers. Ramsec also has a Quality Management accreditation ISO 9001:2015 which demonstrates our diligence and professionalism in the way we conduct our business.

Protecting private art collections, historic houses and country estates

Securing the irreplaceable


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